Thursday, 2 July 2015

3D Printing On Different Areas Of Expertise

3D printed jaw

 World First 3D Printed Car

First 3D printed gun

As time goes by and as many development made, the technology has evolved far from his first experiment. In 1999, a huge development made by Hull and group of scientists to 3D printed scaffold for human organs. The material used for the scaffold is the human cell, so it is easier to be accepted in human body. Another medical invention also made in 2008 when the first 3D prosthetic leg is produced for disabled patient, followed with a 3D printed blood vessel, and titanium jaw made in around 2010. One significant invention also happens in 2011 when car manufacturers decided to build the first 3D printed car. Military then followed the trend when they welcome 3D printed guns in 2012.

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