Sunday, 5 July 2015

Who should we blame?

While 3D printing threatens the existence of traditional manufacturers, their existence also concerns the society with their products. The latest invention of 3D printing is a series of gun models in mid 2012. Despite the fact that it is a great invention for military, their safety has been questioned. Gun manufacturers has always got some guide for their creation so that it will be save enough for the user. Therefore, when 3D printing process was made, there might be some safety regulation has been broken. Who should be responsible if there is a failure in the use of gun? Is it the person who sends the file? Or the printing manufacturer? Or even the software designer? This concerning issue about gun safety regulation needs to be taken into more development in order to truly replicate the real gun. At the moment, the issue remains controversial.

it is concerning how easy it is right now to make and own a gun

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