Friday, 10 July 2015

Is Digital Art really Art?

Of course it is! 

Digital art is the form of art that include the use of Digital technology in the process of the making and also in their performance. They also known as the new media art which is getting popular nowadays. Not saying that traditional art such as painting and sculpting is not up to date anymore, but including technology to your artwork might possibly make it more brilliant.

Both term traditional art and digital art are equally interesting. Each has different qualities that you might not find on the others. While traditional art is more abstract, asymmetrical, and variative depends on the artist. Digital art tend to look more professional, and symmetrical on its look. For example, the making of textile pattern, such as batik by hand is more variative which is interesting. While doing it with digital media might make the pattern look symmetrical and looks like a perfect pattern.

hand painted batik

Another example of course would be 3D printing.

Look at how interesting this shoes is!

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