Saturday, 4 July 2015

3D Printing On Worlds Economy

“The process has blossomed” - Chuck Hull

In fact, 3D printing has become popular in the past few years. People started to find the need of creating prototypes with 3D printers. I would like my own custom made jewellery. An Architect would love to use 3D printing technology to build their physical models that are to complicated to be made with traditional method. Therefore, some other people find an opportunity to fill in the gap on the market. Some offer the service, and some buy the service to create their custom made object. 3D printing system has provided platform for new business and for manufacturers to collaborate with the end customers.

         With this cycle in the market going ton, 3D printing could possibly take part in world’s economy and on how people think. People think they can create and custom made whatever they want instead of looking through available products. This might be good for consumers, but it is disruptive for traditional manufacturers. People will have the tendency to 3D printing rather than buy something from the market. Manufacturer’s demand will decrease slowly due to the ability of the customers to print whatever they want. Hence, rather than trying to fight back the latest technology development of 3D printing, manufacturers might better try to move quickly and innovatively. They should be able to catch up with public demands and supply chains for them.

How easy it is to order your own 3D printed object?

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